The Arctic and Fairbanks

Posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Remote and undisturbed, the Arctic presents a landscape of such austere beauty it's like a different world. Follow the legendary Trans Alaska Pipeline as it snakes across hundreds of miles of open tundra. Scan the horizon for Dall sheep, grizzly bears and migrating caribou. Under a sky that never darkens, the Arctic is a haunting symphony of rock, sea and ice. And, not far from the Arctic Ocean, Fairbanks lives large on the Alaskan frontier.

Day Trip to Prudhoe Bay

This personal wilderness experience spotlights the Brooks Range, the North Slope Oil Fields at Prudhoe Bay and the outskirts of Gates of the Arctic National Park. It takes you to the top of the Arctic Ocean shimmers under the Midnight Sun. Traveling the Dalton Highway, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline's famed Haul Road by motor coach, you'll cross the Yukon River, stop at the Arctic Circle sign for a souvenir photo, and marvel at how far you've come. Imagine losing count of caribou and seeing more bear, sheep, swans, geese, ducks and eagles than you ever imagined. It's no wonder this is the top-rated wildlife tour in a state brimming with mammals and birds.

With the continuous daylight of the Midnights Sun, a Far North adventure is truly unique.

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