Where Alaskans Go to Vacation

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2017

Ever wonder where Alaskans go to vacation? Kenai is that place!

Homer, located on the pristine waters of Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet, boasts a unique landform the locals call "The Spit." Fifteen thousand years ago , the thick ice that covered the bay bull-dozed a five-mile-long gravel bar into the surrounding waters. When the ice retreated, the bar remained. Today, it hosts a picturesque settling where visitors can stroll and shop.

It's easy to see why the Kenai Peninsula is a favorite even among Alaskans. The lush, primeval forest host legendary rivers running with salmon. The glistening waters of glacier-scoured Kenai Fjords National Park are home to whales, dolphins, sea lions and sea otters. The Alaska Maritime Wildlife Refuge and Kenai Wildlife Refuge provide more seabird habitat than anywhere else in the world. Imagine exploring these wonders on an optional wildlife cruise through Kachemak Bay with lunch at the Rookery Restaurant. Or try kayaking or halibut fishin.

This exciting Homer and Kenai Peninsula cruisetour takes you far off the beaten track with just one group of fellow travelers. Experience the enchanting Land's End Resort at the tip of the Homer Spit, the second-longest salmon-filled Kenai River. The optional activities from Homer spotlight the world-class halibut fishing, the charm of the local artists' colong, and more natural beauty than almost anywhere else in Alaska. Come experience the best of Alaska all in one place.


-Gold-nugget jewelry and items carved from jade -Woven baskets of beach grass, bark or baleen -Native seal-oil candles, beaded mittens, fur mukluks and hand-carved masks -Alaskan delicacies - canned and smoked salmon, wild berry products and reindeer sausage

Be sure to look for the "Made in Alaska" logo, which indicates an item genuinely produced in Alaska. The Silver Hand logo identifies the item as a Native Alaska handicraft.

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