10 Exciting Places to Visit in Alaska

Posted on Thursday, November 18, 2010

1.  Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum in Anchorage

2.  Alaska Zoo in Anchorage

3.  Anchorage Museum of History & Art in Anchorage

4.  Elmendorf State Hatchery in Anchorage

5.  H20asis Indoor Waterpark in Anchorage

6.  The Imaginarium in Anchorage

7.  Juneau Trolley Car Company in Juneau

8.  Mount Robert Tramway in Juneau

9.  Pioneer Park in Fairbanks

10.  St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Juneau

Alaska Travel

Posted on Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Exciting adventures abound in Alaska where visitors are taking advantage of thrilling opportunities like never before. This great wilderness provides a playground for adventurers of all levels and interests. In our readers poll, flightseeing by helicopter or float plane came in first as the favourite Alaskan adventure followed by wildlife viewing and hiking. Be thrilled by the many adventures Alaska has to offer on your next vacation.

Alaska is a place where wondrous beauty and breathtaking stillness can be overwhelming at times. Majestic, snow capped mountains rise from deep fjords, glaciers flow to the sea, the Midnight Sun gives lengthy day light while silent hemlock and cedar forests with crystal clear streams are home to abundant bird and wildlife. This pristine paradise is the perfect place to get away from it all and experience nature at its finest.

Alaska Flightseeing

Posted on Thursday, October 28, 2010


Taking a flight by helicopter or fixed wing plane in Alaska is an unforgettable thrill. This is the best way to appreciate the vast expanse of the 49th State and get close to the mountain peaks, glaciers, tundra and wildlife.

Several types of flightseeing trips are offered by air tour operators. Here are the categories with some examples:

  • Scenic flights (see mountains & glaciers up close. See Misty Fjords National Monument by floatplane from Ketchikan)
  • Heli-hiking (where you touch down and leave the aircraft for a hike on the tundra or a glacier.)
  • Dogsledding (your helicopter lands on a glacier where you visit a camp and take a dogsled team for a ride.)
  • Enjoy a salmon bake with your flight. (The flight from Juneau to Taku Glacier Lodge, gives you time to wander and enjoy a salmon bake at this remote spot. It has been one of the most popular excursions in Alaska for many years.)

Infrastructure is limited in this land with so many natural barriers and small population so plan ahead. You are likely to be disappointed if you show up the day you arrive wanting to book a seat.

These tours are the most expensive in Alaska but the experience is unmatched.

Tombstone Park Alaska

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009

Explore a subarctic landscape of saw-toothed peaks where wooly mammoth and scimitar tigers once roamed. This remnant of ancient Beringia preserves sites dating to Alaska's earliest habitation and protects unspoiled habitat for migrating caribou, foraging grizzlies, soaring eagles and travelers in search of a more personal wilderness experience.

Travel through the millennia with your fellow adventurers. Your seldom seen destination, an hour-and-a-half outside of Dawson City, invites exploration. Tombstone Park, a spectacular, untrammeled region, has stayed wild for two billion years. Here, where the first human inhabitants crossed over a primeval land bridge, archaeological sites unveil timeless treasures, unique geologic features reveal unbounded nature, and captivating mammals and birds bring it all to life.

Imagination soars to the pinnacles of the park's namesake mountain.

Curiosity stirs at the sight of unique permafrost landforms. Diverse ecological niches from carpeted tundra to naked, dragon-backed ridges soothe the soul. And our informative driving tours and guided hikes immerse you in scenic splendor. The vistas are endless, the valleys are broad, and wildlife is all around you. See it, feel it, and never forget.

Whittier, Alaska

Posted on Thursday, October 01, 2009

The City of Whittier is at the head of Passage Canal, a fjord of Western Prince William Sound. Whittier is approximately 47 air miles (62 miles by road) southeast of Anchorage. 

Whittier is a year round ice-free port and is a focal point for marine activity and freight transfer from sea train barge serving Southcentral Alaska. The Whittier townsite lies on a fan-shaped delta on the south shore of Passage Canal. The delta, approximately a mile square, is bordered by Whittier Creek on the west and by a mountain ridge on the east.

If you are visiting Whittier as part of a cruise, one of the most popular shore excursions is the Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise.

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