Tombstone Park Alaska

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009

Explore a subarctic landscape of saw-toothed peaks where wooly mammoth and scimitar tigers once roamed. This remnant of ancient Beringia preserves sites dating to Alaska's earliest habitation and protects unspoiled habitat for migrating caribou, foraging grizzlies, soaring eagles and travelers in search of a more personal wilderness experience.

Travel through the millennia with your fellow adventurers. Your seldom seen destination, an hour-and-a-half outside of Dawson City, invites exploration. Tombstone Park, a spectacular, untrammeled region, has stayed wild for two billion years. Here, where the first human inhabitants crossed over a primeval land bridge, archaeological sites unveil timeless treasures, unique geologic features reveal unbounded nature, and captivating mammals and birds bring it all to life.

Imagination soars to the pinnacles of the park's namesake mountain.

Curiosity stirs at the sight of unique permafrost landforms. Diverse ecological niches from carpeted tundra to naked, dragon-backed ridges soothe the soul. And our informative driving tours and guided hikes immerse you in scenic splendor. The vistas are endless, the valleys are broad, and wildlife is all around you. See it, feel it, and never forget.

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